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The Two-Sided-Ground Bevel Cutting Tool - May/June 2003

The article "The Two-Sided-Ground Bevel Cutting Tool" appeared in the May/June 2003 issue of Gear Technology.

In the past, the blades of universal face hobbing cutters had to be resharpened on three faces. Those three faces formed the active part of the blade. In face hobbing, the effective cutting direction changes dramatically with respect to the shank of the blade. Depending on the individual ratio, it was found that optimal conditions for the chip removal action (side rake, side relief and hook angle) could just be established by adjusting all major parameters independently. This, in turn, results automatically in the need for the grinding or resharpening of the front face and the two relief surfaces in order to control side rake, hook angle and the relief and the relief angles of the cutting and clearance side.

Face Hobbing, Cutting Tools, Processing, Face Hobbing Cutters, Control Side Rake, Hook Angle, Relief, Relief Angle

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