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Off-Highway or Off-Press, Andantex Focuses on Precision

Jack Mc Guinn, Senior Editor

Andantex USA is a part of the worldwide Redex group, a longtime provider of high-precision motion control components and systems (hi-tech planetary reducers, dedicated rack-and-pinion drives; servo reducers; modular rack-and-pinions; spindle drive gearboxes; right-angle gearboxes; industrial differentials; multispeed transmissions; Merobel magnetic particle brakes and clutches; torque limiters; and web tension control systems. The company’s long history — both here and in Europe — and reputation for quality precision has made Andantex a choice provider of the machine tool, aerospace; automation/material handling, converting, printing and packaging industries. The company site makes it clear that “all sales, engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket support” are located at their U.S. headquarters in Wanamassa, New Jersey.

But because much of its business is done in Europe, the gears and gearboxes Andantex manufactures for various applications there must also meet strict CO2 mandates. And that mandate applies — whether the application is heavy-equipment vehicles, automobiles or commercial vehicles. Here, too, precision is critical, as Regiec confirms regarding gearbox efficiency.

“We (also) supply spiral bevel gearboxes that are used on vehicles to drive pumps for the oil industry,” says Dave Regiec, Andantex USA vice president of engineering. “The primary way that we decrease the CO2 emissions of those vehicles is by improving the efficiency of the gearboxes to decrease the power losses and use less energy.”

Regiec is a firm believer in that regardless of how well the gears are made, when it comes to maintenance in the field, attention must be paid. Indeed, maintenance requires a precision of its own.

“Maintenance — including oil level checks on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as oil changes every 10,000 hours — are critical to ensure long life.”

For more information Andantex USA 1705 Valley Road Wanamassa, New Jersey 07712 Phone: (800) 713-6170; (732) 493-2812 Fax: (732) 493-2949

Redex-Andantex Drives Go Green

KRP6: the largest low-backlash reducer in the world — with HQ-GF technology.

High-quality planetary gearboxes are energy-efficient solutions for linear and rotary backlash-free axis drives with efficiencies above 95%.

Redex-Andantex engineers are going one step further, introducing to the machine tool industry a new gear finishing HQ-GF (high-quality gear finishing) technology that insures less noise, higher efficiency, and above all a decrease of more than 15% of power losses. Thousands of kWh saved over a machine lifetime.

This technology was co-developed with the Swiss company Fässler S.A., well known for its honing machines that have revolutionized automotive gearbox production and increased car performance.

Gearboxes supplied by Redex- Andantex to DMG use this high-quality gear finishing technology, giving DMG-DMU600 machine tool, one of the best energy performance ratings in its class.

KRP planetary reducers with HQ-GF are among the many innovations brought to the machine tool industry by Redex-Andantex engineers. Redex is part of the European Commission Eco-Design of Machine Tool Directive group (based on ErP 2009/125/EC) and is involved in the new ISO 14955 Environmental Evaluation of Machine Tools standard.

Redex-Andantex gearboxes are supplied with recycling guidelines to help OEMs manage the complete gearbox life cycle.

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