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The Math of Noncircular Gearing

The article "The Math of Noncircular Gearing" appeared in the July/August 2000 issue of Gear Technology.

Noncircular gearing is not new. There are well-documented articles covering standard and high order elliptical gears, sinusoidal gears, logarithmic spiral gears, and circular gears mounted eccentrically. What these designs have in common is a pitch curve defined by a mathematical function. This article will cover noncircular gearing with free-form pitch curves, which, of course, includes all the aforementioned functions. This article also goes into the generation of teeth on the pitch curve, which is not usually covered in the technical literature. Needless to say, all this is possible only with the help of a computer.

Gear Design, Elliptical gears, Sinusoidal Gears, Logarithmic Spiral Gears, Free Form Pitch Curves

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