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New Vibration Mounts from AAC Feature Finger-Flex Ring and Bushing Isolators

April 2, 2006
The new V10Z 4 Series of vibration mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components feature unique "Finger-Flex" isolators which are designed for loads up to 37 pounds per mount. Typical applications for these compactly constructed units include office machines, electronic and scientific equipment, fans blowers, heating and air conditioning equipment, motors and pumps. The natural rubber "Finger-Flex" ring and bushing in each mount have radial fingers on top and bottom surfaces to absorb vibration parallel to the axis of the mounting. The bushings also have axially-orientated fingers which enable the mounting to absorb vibration perpendicular to the axis of the mounting. To obtain optimum isolation efficiency, there are two hardnesses of V10Z 4 Series Finger-Flex Mounts available: 30 and 60 durometer. The natural frequencies of the V10Z 4 Series mounts range from 6 to 30 Hz. "Finger-Flex" washers can be stacked in series and will yield an assembly with greater deflection. Any number of "Finger-Flex" mountings can be installed in parallel to achieve greater load carrying capacity. Other features of the V10Z 4 Series include their corrosion resistant zinc plated housing and low 1-1/8", free standing, height. The 2-3/8" square base dimension and 4-hole tie-down pattern conform to MIL-Size 2. The load is supported by the top surface of the housing which has a 17/64" clearance hole in its center to accommodate a locating stud.