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Bonfiglioli Updates Parallel Shaft Series and Bevel-Helical Series Gearboxes

May 31, 2007
Bonfiglioli recently presented five new sizes in the HDP parallel-shaft series and HDO bevel helical series that was first introduced in 2005 in series 60 to 90. This expansion of the HDP and HDO series will permit the company to fulfill the needs of industrial applications demanding torque ratings of up to 75,000 Nm, which is commonly required in the mining, paper, wood and steel manufacturing industries, and many other processing industries. According to the company's press release, extensive use was made of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) throughout the design process as well as MBS (multi-body simulations) to ascertain the dynamic effects of stress transmitted between the various components of the gearbox. The result is enhanced structural rigidity and gear geometry for optimized load capacity and gear and bearing life. Noise emissions and vibrations have been kept to a minimum by using structural simulations based on BEM (Boundary Element Method) analysis.