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Meister Abrasive Develops External Abrasive Product Line

August 14, 2007

Meister Abrasives USA, recently developed a line of external abrasive products.

Bruce Northrup, general manager of Meister Abrasives USA, says users report cycles up to 20% faster and/or cost per part reductions up to 30%.

Meister's external wheels are customized for each application and feature top shelf raw material and state-of-the-art bonding technologies, including its newest high-performance bond HPB. Furthermore, wheel specifications can be tuned to provide consistent high volume manufacturing or the versatility that allows smaller shops to use a single wheel on a number of different applications.

Applications include O.D. cylindrical, creep feed, surface, double disk, wafer backgrinding, as well as fine grinding and lapping. The most active markets for these products include the medical, aerospace, semiconductor, optical, tool and die, and automotive industries.