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Universal Holding Fixture Reduces Costs

June 11, 2010

The Kostyrka Universal Holding Fixture (UHF) is a highly flexible chucking device that can be adapted to several hundred different individual workpiece supports. It is used in aerospace applications and the manufacture of body components in the automotive industry, measuring technology applications and in many areas of metrology.

Whenever a workpiece changeover takes place, the universal device is adjusted to the new component by the repositioning of it's supporting and clamping elements. It can be utilized for the manufacture of free-form components, which often involves workpiece-configured jigs and fixtures that are arranged exclusively for a specific workpiece geometry. The UHF eliminates the need to replace the whole fixture whenever a new workpiece is positioned and clamped in place for processing.  The compact configuration, modular concept, flexibility, high precision, high load capacity, simple maintenance and demonstrated reliability differentiate the UHF from competitors, according to the company's press release.

The precision of the UHF allows the positioning of the individual UHF elements within 0.005 mm and repeating accuracy to within 0.002 mm.  This  precision also applies to thin-walled or unstable workpieces and for components that were previously difficult to clamp using conventional methods. If there is a major change to fixture requirements, the modular fixture design allows it to be extended at any time. The replacement of individual elements or components is likewise possible without a major cost outlay.