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Sintered Materials Available in KISSsoft

June 22, 2011
The Swedish company Höganäs AB provided the KISSsoft calculation program with SN-curves for tooth bending of sintered material Distaloy AE. Two different conditions were measured: The case hardened (0.2 percent C and 0.8 percent C-potential) and the through hardened (0.6 percent C) ones. The fatigue data was extrapolated to one percent risk of damage as requested by ISO 6336 standard. There is no information in ISO 6336 or DIN 3990 for the calculation of sintered materials. But as Höganäs provided complete Woehler-line data, which can be read and used by KISSsoft, the life factor YNT for bending is calculated based on the real SN-curve. Therefore bending strength calculation according to ISO 6336 is possible. The distaloy materials will be fully integrated in the gear material data base of the 2012 release. For the KISSsoft Release 03/2011, the data is now available on request.