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Gear Expo Preview: KISSsoft Booth 408

October 5, 2011

KISSsoft is a software provider for gear design to AGMA, ISO and DIN Standards as well as intuitive custom inputs. They offer shaft and bearing analysis to the latest DIN and ISO Standards utilizing FEA core components as well as an entire range of machine components. Design parameters include spur, helical, planetary, worm, crossed axis helical, bevel, spiral bevel, face gears, gear pumps, master gears with complete contact, stress and life analysis. "We will be highlighting the latest software release 03/2011 at Gear Expo 2011," says Dan Kondritz, general manager. "Included will be the enhancements to contact analysis and micropitting solutions."

In the contact analysis of KISSsoft, the effects of shaft deformations may now be precisely evaluated (module ZA30). The results of shaft calculations can also be directly imported to the contact analysis. Bending and torsion of shafts are furthermore calculated load-dependent and considered in the tooth contact. In the KISSsys calculation, the shaft classification is done automatically. Additionally, the face load factor KHβ is calculated according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E. Another new feature is to combine the profile and lead correction factor within defined areas. Thus all variants are automatically analyzed in respect of the load distribution, transmission error, safety against micropitting, wear and flash temperature, and the stress curve (module ZA33).