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MC Machinery Expands Milling Line

January 31, 2012

MC Machinery Systems, Inc. expands its product supply chain with the new MC Milling line. The Diamond Cut general milling line is comprised of five series of vertical machining centers and drilling and tapping machines. This addition supports the company's focus on improving its products, services, and product portfolio to support U.S. manufacturers.

The MCV Series is a general purpose machining center featuring two spindle/tooling system types. The CAT-40 tooling system uses an 8,000 RPM motor and the CAT-50 tooling uses a 6,000 RPM motor. It performs well in a wide variety of applications including fixtures, mold base, and secondary operations. The series comes with coolant-thru-spindle preparation and an M70 Mitsubishi controller. The machine can be equipped with a ZF gearbox to achieve four times the torque of a standard motor.

The DV Series is a general purpose machine, featuring a 15,000 RPM direct drive spindle and CAT-40 tooling. It can accommodate smaller cutting tools for more intricate milling work, and is a popular choice among job shops because of its wide range of applications. The series comes with coolant-thru-spindle preparation and an M70 Mitsubishi controller.

The DM Series features a 20,000 RPM HSK-A63 spindle, and a more rigid and accurate tooling system. This series excels in close-tolerance work and is ideal for applications in mold and die. The 32-position automatic tool changer provides better tool life management and boosts machine productivity. An M720 Mitsubishi controller, linear scales, and roller guideways are standard features of the DM Series.

The SV Series is built with a heavy-duty box way construction in the X, Y, and Z axes, ideal for rigidity and stability in large parts. The machine excels in maximum material removal with its ability to handle bigger tools. The machine features a 10,000 RPM spindle, CAT-50 tooling, and hand-scraped box way guides, for years of accuracy and durability. The series comes with coolant-thru-spindle preparation, an M70 Mitsubishi controller, and optional ZF gearbox for higher torque.

The TV Series of drill/tap machines feature a 24,000 RPM high-speed spindle driven by a 5HP motor. BBT-30 dual contact tooling delivers extra rigidity and better Z depth control during operation. The fast and simple, two-second tool changes provide multi-axis machining all in one setup. A bi-directional tool magazine is driven through advanced PLC software which is achieved through the M70 Mitsubishi controller. A CAM-driven tool magazine allows rotation and accuracy and smooth motion even while large tools are loading.