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Zoller Offers Inspection for Hob Cutters

January 14, 2013
Gear cutting is a challenging task. Only perfect and re-sharpened tools can guarantee correct workpieces, short setup times and low downtimes of expensive gear cutting machines. Complete documentation and logging are fundamental requirements. The measurement and inspection of hob cutters has remained the domain of highly complex and extremely expensive measuring systems. Tactile sensors are in wide-spread use, requiring especially trained operators and considerable time. High costs and supply bottlenecks are the result.

With it’s new hobCheck Zoller now offers a quantum leap for the measurement of hobs: the first truly shopfloor-compatible and at the same time economical specialist for the overall measurement of hob cutters. Zoller combines image processing technology with a measuring sensor, a swiveling optic carrier and six CNC-driven axes to provide distortion-free complete measurement of hobs. This gives the user an exact replica of the tooth profile on the cutting edge.

The user-friendly software pilot 3.0 offers a simple operation by displaying the desired parameters according to DIN 3968. The calculation of the quality classes and graphic logging is fully automated. The link to esco, the standard software for hobs, avoids duplicate data entry, saves time and guarantees an error-free measured result taking current parameters into account.

These include concentricity and run-out, deviations in the shape and position of the cutting face, of the cutting edge, tooth thickness and flute direction. The quality class is assigned automatically and marked appropriately in the protocol.

The hobCheck not only solves the challenge of measuring hobs economically with high precision, but also includes all the standard functions of a measuring machine. The complete measurement of standard and special tools (drills, step drills, form cutters and milling cutters) is possible without any difficulties. This is a distinct added value, especially for re-sharpening businesses.