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Walter Milling Grades Utilize Tiger-Tec Silver Technology

January 8, 2016

Walter has introduced the WKK25S, WSM45X and WNN15, a trio of new milling grades that deliver an array of benefits to the user, thanks to Walter's use of innovative cutting tool technology.

The WKK25S features Walter's Tiger·tec Silver PVD cutting tool material, providing increased hardness (from 2200-2500 Vickers to 2500-2800), higher crystallization and decreased number of micro defects in the coating surface. All this translates to increased cutting speeds and higher cutting edge life. The WKK25S is specially suited for the machining of cast iron materials.

The WSM45X, with Tiger·tec Silver CVD and post treatment, boasts improved process reliability and excels at the machining of stainless steel (ISO M) and super alloys (ISO S). It has a broad application area that includes common aerospace materials. In field tests, WSM45X has shown tool life improvement of up to 50 percent and increases in material removal rate of 25 percent.

Walter's WNN15 features new PVD technology. Known as High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS), the new coating technology results in very dense and smooth coating layers. For the user, this means reduced friction, significantly reduced build-up edge, good resistance against flank wear and good cutting edge stability. Particularly effective with ISO N materials, application areas for the new grade include demanding aerospace work.