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Rosler Surf Finisher Utilizes Fully Automated Processes

January 29, 2016

Rosler has unveiled its newest surface finishing technology with its new Surf Finisher machine, an automated surface finishing process which is ideal for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of delicate, high-value components with complex geometries. The Surf Finisher offers several benefits, including fully automatic processing, short cycle times, high process stability, repeatability and finishing of precisely targeted surface areas.

The Surf Finisher was born out of a growing demand to improve the cost efficiency, stability and repeatability of surface finishing processes for highly valuable and complex components. Surf finishing allows fully automatic dry or wet processing of these components, which up until this point, could only be finished with costly manual or mechanical systems.

Surf finishing is the ideal technology for single component treatment in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, or any other industry where precise deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing are essential.