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Emuge FPC Mill-Drill Chucks Deliver Rigidity, Vibration Dampening and Machining Speed

March 31, 2016

Emuge Corp., in partnership with Albrecht Precision Chucks, has introduced high precision/performance Emuge FPC Mill/Drill Chucks that provide unprecedented rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life versus conventional chuck technologies for milling and drilling applications.

Featuring the world's only chuck with a 1:16 worm gear, Emuge FPC Chuck's design delivers three tons of traction force. The design and body provide 100% holding power for maximum rigidity, and the collet-cone assembly absorbs virtually all vibration for maximum dampening.

Unique features and advantages include high transferable torque that provides maximum process reliability; transferred torque on a tool shank 20mm in diameter of 400 Nm; increased accuracy with a 3 x D tool length; concentricity of ≤ 3 µm to guarantee long tool life and quality work piece surface finishes; mechanical drive-actuated chuck with a hex wrench; simple design that enables quick tool change in seconds; holder design that reduces vibration, improves work piece surface finishes and provides exceptionally long tool life; and strong clamping force to prevent the possibility of pull-out.

In a speed comparison with four chuck technologies, using a 20 mm end mill in the same material, the Emuge FPC Chuck enabled the feed rate to be increased by 30% with no loss in performance.

Emuge FPC Chucks are available in four shank styles (CAT, HSK-A, SK and BT) in 47 different sku's for a wide range of applications. A full range of high precision collets and accessories are also available for the FPC line. Emuge FPC Collets are available in three size ranges (FPC 14, FPC 20 and FPC 25) in over 35 different sku's, from 1/8" to 1 1/4" and in metric from 2 mm - 32 mm.