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Forest City Gear Expands Quality Capabilities with Digital Magnification Technology

July 17, 2018
Forest City Gear has added an EVO Cam advanced full-HD digital microscope to its Quality Assurance Lab to greatly speed and simplify the visual inspection of precision parts. 

The EVO Cam provides the operator with a particularly large 30:1 optical zoom and magnification up to 300x to display even the most minute workpiece details in ultra-sharp full-HD 1080p / 60fps live video.   As compared to the traditional stereoscopes typically used for visual parts inspection, the EVO Cam offers the Forest City Gear operator a much faster and more accurate way to detect for burrs, tears and other surface finish anomalies that might exist in workpieces after machining. 

“It’s a particularly useful tool for the fine pitch, high precision gears we excel at producing for demanding aerospace applications,” says Quality Assurance Manager John Young.  “It’s also been invaluable for inspection of some of the gears we’ve produced for the Mars Rover 2020 program, where we’re striving for perfection. “

EVO Cam is well suited for fast visual inspection of gears, since it gives operators the ability to view the entire workpiece, or the smallest detail, at the touch of a button.  It also has a 360° rotating viewer capability to reveal an angled all-round view of the part.

It’s just one of many technologies that Forest City Gear has at its disposal in a Quality Assurance Lab that is among the most advanced in the industry.