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Index Significantly Expands North America Team

November 14, 2018
Index has announced the hiring of 15 new employees over the past five months, with 12 of those filling newly created positions. Representing growth of over 20% for Index’s North American workforce, the recent spate of hires has been undertaken to guarantee continued high levels of service and support amidst significant growth in sales. 

“In 2017, Index undertook an ambitious five-year plan to increase our footprint in North America, encompassing workforce growth, adoption of a new ERP and CRM and significantly investing across all areas of our business” says Tom Clark, president and CEO of Index. “Thanks to a healthy market and high demand for increasing throughput while reducing cost per piece, we have surpassed our targets to date and are scaling up our workforce even faster than planned. Each of the new team members included in this announcement was carefully selected for their ability to contribute to exceeding the expectations of our existing and new customers.”

The announced hires include three field service engineers, three applications engineers and four positions in operations, all of which are expansions to Index’s workforce. The company also has hired five individuals to office support positions, two of which are newly created.