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GWJ Technology Offers Detailed Online Calculation of Plastic Gears

May 26, 2020
GWJ Technology has updated its web-based calculation software eAssistant. The calculation of plastic gears is now available.

In addition to the common calculation methods for the load capacity DIN 3990, ISO 6336 and ANSI/AGMA 2101, the calculation method VDI 2736 for plastic gears was added to the cylindrical gear module. The first plastic materials were added to the general material database. For this, the temperature-dependent material properties such as fatigue strength and E-module were approximated in detail from available diagrams in VDI 2736 and stored accordingly. These are used to determine the material properties for the calculation of the load capacity using the tooth root and flank temperatures automatically calculated according to VDI 2736.

If the calculated tooth flank and tooth root temperatures exceed the maximum operating temperatures of the plastics, a corresponding warning is given. 

In order to calculate the tooth flank and tooth root temperature, the user can modify the housing design, the heat-dissipating surface as well as the heat transfer and heat resistance as an alternative to the automatic default settings.

Pairings of plastic/plastic as well as plastic/metal are supported. Furthermore, metal/metal pairings are also available in order to compare calculation methods for metallic gears. The calculation of load spectra is also possible for the load capacity calculation according to VDI 2736. In addition, "Dry run" was added to the lubrication types for VDI 2736.