Prof. hc. Dr.-Ing. Aizoh Kubo

Prof.hc.Dr.-Ing. Aizoh Kubo earned his degrees, including his 1971 Ph.D. (research on the dynamics of high-speed gearing), from Kyoto University. He subsequently served as guest researcher at the University of Stutgart (1972) and at FZG, T.U. Muenchen (1973). Kubo's professional/academic career began (1971-1979) as a research associate at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, followed by fifteen years (1979-1994) as associate professor at Kyoto University's precision mechanics department. From 1994-2007 he was a full professor in the university's department of mechanical engineering. Since 2007, Kubo began Gear Technologies Company (owner and president), was general manager of the Research Institute for Applied Sciences EV, and since 2009 has been president of Alchemica Co. Ltd. (Bio last updated 2018-02-05 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

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