Anders Flodin

Anders Flodin is manager for application development at Höganäs AB Sweden. His background is in mechanical engineering, having received his PhD in 2000 on the topic of simulation of wear on gear flanks. Since 2000 Flodin has worked on various gear-related assignments in the fields of aerospace, ship propulsion and automotive drivelines. (Bio last updated 2018-02-05 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Anders Flodin

  • Wear Investigation of Finish Rolled Powder Metal Gears (September/October 2017)
    When manufacturing powder metal (PM) gears lead crowning is not achievable in the compaction process. This has to be accomplished either by shaving, grinding or honing. Each of these processes has their merits and draw backs. When employing rolling using a roll burnishing machine lead crowning can be accomplished but due to errors in profile a hard finishing operation such as grinding is used by the industry. In this paper a helical PM gear that has sufficient tolerance class after rolling has been tested in a test rig for durability and the wear has been studied.