Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Dobler

Andreas Dobler studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich where in 2012 he received his Diplom-Ingenieur (equivalent to M.Sc.). He has since worked as a research associate at the Gear Research Centre (FZG) Technical University of Munich. Dobler's focus is on the load carrying capacity of spur gears - especially regarding fine module gears and tribologically induced failure modes.  (Bio last updated 2016-09-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Andreas Dobler

  • Increased Tooth Bending Strength and Pitting Load Capacity of Fine-Module Gears (September/October 2016)
    The common calculation methods according to DIN 3990 and ISO 6336 are based on a comparison of occurring stress and allowable stress. The influence of gear size on the load-carrying capacity is considered with the size factors YX (tooth root bending) and ZX (pitting), but there are further influences, which should be considered. In the following, major influences of gear size on the load factors as well as on the permissible tooth root bending and contact stress will be discussed.