Baydu Al

Baydu Al has worked since October 2014 as an analyst/software engineer at Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd. (SMT). He previously worked as a researcher at Nottingham University in gas turbine and transmission systems, specializing in efficiency and oil management. Upon joining SMT, Al has been contributing to MASTA's loaded tooth contact analysis as well as the analysis of tooth interior fatigue fracture. (Bio last updated 2016-07-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Baydu Al

  • Finite Element Analysis of Tooth Flank Fracture Using Boundary Conditions from LTCA (September/October 2016)
    This paper demonstrates an application of the tooth interior fatigue fracture (TIFF) analysis method, as implemented in SMT's MASTA software, in which loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) results from a specialized 3-D contact model have been utilized to determine the load boundary conditions for analysis of tooth flank fracture (TFF).
  • Hybrid Hertzian and FE-Based Helical Gear-Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis and Comparison with FE (July 2016)
    Gear-loaded tooth contact analysis is an important tool for the design and analysis of gear performance within transmission and driveline systems. Methods for the calculation of tooth contact conditions have been discussed in the literature for many years. It's possible the method you've been using is underestimating transmission error in helical gears. Here's why.