Elena Ferramola

Elena Ferramola has a master's degree in physics, specializing in condensed matter. Her collaboration with Bologna, Italy-based Varvel SpA began in 2009 with a 2-year R&D project intended to define alternative solutions to traditional lubricants. In so doing she developed an expertise in polymers for metal replacement, and tribological and mechanical solutions for gear materials issues. Ferramola's collaboration continues today in research and development, where she focuses on with new products feasibility studies and continues her research for innovative tribological solutions.  (Bio last updated 2016-06-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Elena Ferramola

  • Worm Gear Efficiency Estimation and Optimization (June 2016)
    This paper outlines the comparison of efficiencies for worm gearboxes with a center distance ranging from 28 - 150 mm that have single reduction from 5 to 100:1. Efficiencies are calculated using several standards (AGMA, ISO, DIN, BS) or by methods defined in other bibliographic references. It also deals with the measurement of torque and temperature on a test rig — required for the calibration of an analytical model to predict worm gearbox efficiency and temperature. And finally, there are examples of experimental activity (wear and friction measurements on a blockon- ring tribometer and the measurements of dynamic viscosity) regarding the effort of improving the efficiency for worm gear drivers by adding nanoparticles of fullerene shape to standard PEG lubricant