Fabiola Bisanti

Fabiola Bisanti has a master's degree in industrial engineering — specializing in production and logistics. In 2011 she worked at Caterpillar Global Paving in collaboration to implement a health & safety management system — in accordance with OHSAS 18001 — to align standards work production with safety law. In 2012 she completed a post-master's degree in vibro-acoustic engineering and began work with Bologna, Italy-based Varvel SpA as technical collaborator for an R&D project focused on development of a diagnostics method for detecting gear and gearbox defects via vibration analysis and test bench. Since 2013 Bisanti has worked in Varvel's R&D department, her principal responsibility being the diagnostic and quality control of Varvel's products via vibration and acoustic signals analysis. (Bio last updated 2016-06-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Fabiola Bisanti

  • Worm Gear Efficiency Estimation and Optimization (June 2016)
    This paper outlines the comparison of efficiencies for worm gearboxes with a center distance ranging from 28 - 150 mm that have single reduction from 5 to 100:1. Efficiencies are calculated using several standards (AGMA, ISO, DIN, BS) or by methods defined in other bibliographic references. It also deals with the measurement of torque and temperature on a test rig — required for the calibration of an analytical model to predict worm gearbox efficiency and temperature. And finally, there are examples of experimental activity (wear and friction measurements on a blockon- ring tribometer and the measurements of dynamic viscosity) regarding the effort of improving the efficiency for worm gear drivers by adding nanoparticles of fullerene shape to standard PEG lubricant