Dipl.-Ing. G√ľnter Mikoleizig

Dipl.-Ing. G√ľnter Mikoleizig currently heads the product management and application engineering department for gear inspection machines at Klingelnberg GmbH, Germany. With more than 30 years in the field of gear inspection technology, he is fully experienced with the design and development of inspection machines and their product management. He in fact developed a product line of inspection machines for an array of gears and related parts, with small dimensions up to the very large-sized. Mikoleizig has presented papers about gear inspection worldwide and is also an active member of national and international standardization committees.  (Bio last updated 2015-05-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by G√ľnter Mikoleizig

  • Gear Inspection in a Shop Floor Environment (July 2015)
    As in nearly all industries, more costeffective solutions are currently called for in the gear manufacturing industry.
  • Surface Roughness Measurements of Cylindrical Gears and Bevel Gears on Gear Inspection Machines (May 2015)
    Alongside the macro test parameters on tooth flanks for profile and tooth traces, surface properties (roughness) play a decisive role in ensuring proper toothed gear function. This article addresses roughness measurement systems on tooth flanks. In addition to universal test equipment, modified test equipment based on the profile method for use on gears is addressed in particular. The equipment application here refers to cylindrical gear flanks and bevel gear flanks. The most important roughness parameters, as well as the implementation of the precise measurement procedure will also be described under consideration of the applicable DIN EN ISO standards as well as the current VDI/VDE Directive 2612 Sheet 5.