Hidetaka Hiramatsu

Hidetaka Hiramatsu is a student in Mechanical and System Engineering at Kyoto Institute of Technology, received his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2014. His research interest is gear failure detection by vibration analysis. (Bio last updated 2015-03-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Hidetaka Hiramatsu

  • Fundamental Study of Detection of Plastic Gear Failure Signs (March/April 2015)
    This paper proposes a new method — using neural oscillators — for filtering out background vibration noise in meshing plastic gear pairs in the detection of signs of gear failure. In this paper these unnecessary frequency components are eliminated with a feed-forward control system in which the neural oscillator’s synchronization property works. Each neural oscillator is designed to tune the natural frequency to a particular one of the components.