Inho Bae Ph. D.

Inho Bae, Ph.D, received his doctorate in 2002 from Hanyang University in Korea by the research on the design of multi-stage gearboxes. After working as a postdoctoral research fellow at Kyoto University, he moved in 2008 to KISSsoft AG in Switzerland as a development engineer. Dr. Bae is the head of technical support and also working on the development of the KISSsoft and KISSsys software suites.  (Bio last updated 2015-06-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Inho Bae

  • An Approach to Pairing Bevel Gears from Conventional Cutting Machine with Gears Produced on 5-Axis Milling Machine (June 2015)
    Developed here is a new method to automatically find the optimal topological modification from the predetermined measurement grid points for bevel gears. Employing this method enables the duplication of any flank form of a bevel gear given by the measurement points and the creation of a 3-D model for CAM machining in a very short time. This method not only allows the user to model existing flank forms into 3-D models, but also can be applied for various other purposes, such as compensating for hardening distortions and manufacturing deviations which are very important issues but not yet solved in the practical milling process.