Joakim Fagerlund

Joakim Fagerlund is a Senior R&D Engineer in Ovako's R&D department. In his current role, he focuses on development related to steel cleanliness and fatigue. He has been with Ovako for more than 10 years and is based at the company's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a master's degree in materials physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. (Bio last updated 2017-05-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Joakim Fagerlund

  • Performance and Machining of Advanced Engineering Steels in Power Transmission Applications - Continued Developments (May 2017)
    It is becoming increasingly apparent that material properties can and will play a greater role than before in addressing the challenges most transmission manufacturers are facing today. Making use of materials' intrinsic fatigue properties provides a new design tool to support the market changes taking place.
  • Innovative Steel Design and Gear Machining of Advanced Engineering Steel (August 2016)
    The increasing demands in the automotive industry for weight reduction, fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint need to be addressed urgently. Up until now, widely used conventional steels have lived up to expectations. However, with more stringent emissions standards, demands on materials are increasing. Materials are expected to perform better, resulting in a need for increased fatigue strength. A possibility to increase torque on current generations without design changes can be achieved by selecting suitable materials.