Michel Octrue

Michel Octrue works at CETIM, the French Technical Center for Mechanical Industries, in the field of mechanical power transmission as a specialist in the behavior of mechanical components (gears, roller bearing, etc.). His expertise is focused on projects involving mechanical power transmission components and their integrations in gear reducers, machines, and systems for automotive and transportation devices. His experience covers the different stages from the design-calculation, choice of tolerances, selection of materials and heat treatment, and development and validation by numerical simulation. His activity is focused on design and project management and analysis (fatigue and failure analysis) in testing engineering for mechanical power transmission components. He is strongly involved in the technical committee with French gear manufacturers at CETIM and in the development of gear standards with AFNOR, UNM and ISO. Octrue is the convenor of ISO TC60/SC1/WG7 on worm gears and is an academic member of AGMA.  (Bio last updated 2017-07-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Michel Octrue

  • Contact Fatigue Characterization of Through-Hardened Steel for Low-Speed Applications like Hoisting (July 2017)
    In several applications like hoisting equipment and cranes, open gears are used to transmit power at rather low speeds (tangential velocity < 1m/s) with lubrication by grease. In consequence those applications have particularities in terms of lubricating conditions and friction involved, pairing of material between pinion and gear wheel, lubricant supply, loading cycles and behavior of materials with significant contact pressure due to lower number of cycles.