Robert F. Wasilewski

Robert F. Wasilewski is Engineering Services Manager at Arrow Gear Company and Chairman of the AGMA Bevel Gearing Committee. (Bio last updated 2017-09-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Robert F. Wasilewski

  • Backlash and Axial Movement (September/October 2017)
    What is the relationship between angular backlash and mean or normal backlash, the axial movement of wheel gear, and mean or normal backlash for bevel and hypoid gears?
  • Same Hob for Two Gears (September/October 2016)
    I make all the double helical gears that go into a gearbox - four different gears in this unit. If the gear module for the bull gear and the intermediate gear are the same (these are the two individual gears that mate), and the gear module for the high-speed pinion and high-speed gears are the same (these are the other two individual gears that mate in the gear box as well), is it then possible to just use two hobs in this setup to make all four gears, since they mate together with each other? We are currently using a different gear hob for each gear.
  • Gear Mesh Assembly (May 2015)
    When assembling a pair of gears, what is a good method for setting and checking their mesh?