Yefim Kotlyar

Yefim Kotlyar is the Application Engineering Manager at Machine Tool Builders (MTB), responsible for the development of new gear manufacturing and gear metrology technologies. His broad experience in the art of gearing includes the development of various gear cutting technologies, analytical inspection and evaluation technologies for gears and hobs, as well as the gear systems design and validation. Kotlyar has served on a number of AGMA technical committees, and he has authored numerous articles on gearing. (Bio last updated 2014-11-01 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Yefim Kotlyar

  • Application of Statistical Process Capability Indices in Gear Manufacturing (November/December 2014)
    This article discusses applications of statistical process capability indices for controlling the quality of tooth geometry characteristics, including profile and lead as defined by current AGMA-2015, ISO-1328, and DIN-3960 standards. It also addresses typical steps to improve manufacturing process capability for each of the tooth geometry characteristics when their respective capability indices point to an incapable process.