Dr. Yuriy Shekhtman

Dr. Yuriy Shekhtman is an expert in mathematical modeling and stress analysis. Drawing upon over 40 years' experience, he has created a number of computer programs based on FEA and other numerical methods. A software developer for AKGears, Dr. Shekhtman is also the author of many technical publications. (Bio last updated 2018-02-05 Contact Randy Stott, Managing Editor, with changes.)

Articles by Yuriy Shekhtman

  • Rating of Helical Asymmetric Tooth Gears (November/December 2017)
    Although gear geometry and the design of asymmetric tooth gears are well known and published, they are not covered by modern national or international gear design and rating standards. This limits their broad implementation for various gear applications, despite substantial performance advantages in comparison to symmetric tooth gears for mostly unidirectional drives. In some industries — like aerospace, that are accustomed to using gears with non-standard tooth shapes — the rating of these gears is established by comprehensive testing. However, such testing programs are not affordable for many other gear drive applications that could also benefit from asymmetric tooth gears.
  • Analysis and Optimization of Contact Ratio of Asymmetric Gears (March/April 2017)
    This article presents an analysis of asymmetric tooth gears considering the effective contact ratio that is also affected by bending and contact tooth deflections. The goal is to find an optimal solution for high performance gear drives, which would combine high load capacity and efficiency, as well as low transmission error (which affects gear noise and vibration).
  • Fabrication of Directly Designed Gears with Symmetric and Asymmetric Teeth (November/December 2014)
    When compared with the traditional gear design approach - based on pre-selected, typically standard generating rack parameters - the alternative Direct Gear Design method provides certain advantages for custom, high-performance gear drives.