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Gear Talk With Chuck

Formula 1 Gearbox Designs

As mentioned in my last blog, Formula 1 gearboxes are now highly integrated into the overall car design. The days of a “spec” transmission from a third-party supplier are long


Short Lived Gearbox Designs

“All memorable quotations referring to gearboxes involve expletives.” Peter Wright             The author of Formula 1 Technology, Peter Wright, went to work for Motorsports legend Tony Rudd at BRM straight

Gear Talk With Chuck

Applied Science, Part Two

My previous posting on engineering vs. science reminded me of a professor who insisted “real engineers” had to be able to reason things back to “first principles.” If you couldn’t,

Gear Talk With Chuck

Engineering vs. Science

History shows that engineering (using an idea without necessarily understanding it) usually gets the drop on science (understanding an idea without necessarily having any idea what to do with it).

Gear Talk With Chuck

Final Points…

W.Edward Deming’s quality management system was credited with resurrecting and changing Japan’s manufacturing economy after World War II. Experts think it was what finally made Japanese cars acceptable in export

Gear Talk With Chuck

Business of Sports, Cont.

Picking up from last week on W. Edwards Deming… We’re constantly hearing sports terms and metaphors used in business communications. Sooo, certified, card-carrying contrarian that I am, I thought it

Gear Talk With Chuck

Applying Business Metaphors to Sports

We suffer through lots of sports clichés in business articles and motivational speeches. What if the reverse were done to sports teams? I am a big fan of Deming’s “14

Gear Talk With Chuck

Building Your Team

The National Football League (NFL) held its annual draft of college players here in Chicago this past week. It is probably the most publicized human resources jobs fair in the