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Gear Talk With Chuck


Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday that needs to go global. Local conditions need not be “perfect” to celebrate the good things in our lives. The first Thanksgiving celebrants did

Gear Talk With Chuck

Evaluating Opportunities

Almost every conversation I have with gear industry friends these days seems to start with “How’s business?” When incoming orders are slow it helps to have an agreed upon method


The Importance of Prompt No Quotes

Before going on an extended blog series on my “points system” for evaluating business opportunities, I want to talk about the importance of issuing prompt “no quotes.” Every company receives

Gear Talk With Chuck

Partners — Not Adversaries

Continuing my rant on the difficulties in getting quotes… Not all the blame should go to the manufacturing company when quotes are late. Part of the trouble is the inability

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Price Disconnect

Traditionally, cost estimating is the basis for pricing. I was very surprised the first time a mentor pointed out that the two are often quite disconnected. There were jobs, admittedly

Gear Talk With Chuck

Another Type of Veteran

We interrupt this blog to salute all our VETERANS on this national holiday set aside to remember them. The gear industry as we know it really got its jump start

Gear Talk With Chuck

You Are Lost Without Records!

The guys who taught me to estimate all had great memories for part shapes, features — even part numbers. It takes years to develop that kind of talent, but for

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Task No One Enjoys

What task has to be done at every gear shop that no one enjoys? If you’ve followed this blog with any regularity you know how much I admire the unsung