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Gear Talk With Chuck

One Step at a Time

My first drafting class involved a lot of pencil sharpening. It was a boring exercise that the students found somewhat insulting. There were pencil sharpeners all over the school; we

Gear Talk With Chuck

Each One Teach One

I have posted before about the many people who helped me along the way to becoming a productive member of the gear community. Today I would like to thank the

Gear Talk With Chuck

Articles Wanted 

  In a short chat in the Gear Technology booth at the International Machine Tool Show the topic came up of what sort of articles our readers would like to

Editor's Choice

IMTS 2016 Measures Up

  Not only did IMTS 2016 attract more than 115,000 registered attendees (slightly higher than the 2014 show), but it also “measured up” by presenting a wide variety of new

Gear Talk With Chuck

Book Reviewers Needed

Every gear engineer ends up with a shelf full of reference books. Depending upon your age and experience level these may be books you bought or books you were given

Gear Talk With Chuck

Important Travel Skills

  A cable TV movie brought a chuckle here at the world headquarters for an opening scene of two soon-to-be-dead characters arguing over a road map. A great plot device

Gear Talk With Chuck

Reinventing the Factory

  McCormick Place will be transformed into a wonderland of machinery and tooling this weekend for the 2016 version of the International Machine Tool Show. IMTS will attract visitors from

Gear Talk With Chuck

What if God Were One of Us in Sozhou China?

  The familiar words of Joan Osborne’s “What if God Were One of Us?” wafted out of the lounge when we returned from a long day of touring supplier factories

Gear Talk With Chuck

Contingency Planning

I got caught up in a messy but foreseeable travel delay coming home from my first trip to China. Foreseeable because airplanes are machines and machines have problems from time