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Gear Talk With Chuck

The Limits of Genius

There is an old saying that “the fools always win in the end because stupidity has no limits, while genius does.” Occasionally we see this acted out by people who

Gear Talk With Chuck

Good Ideas Before Their Time

Leonardo DaVinci famously sketched helicopters long before the technology needed to make them fly was developed. The American Motorcycle Association museum in Ohio displays a re-creation of an attempt at

Gear Talk With Chuck

Non-Traditional Manufacturing

  While 3-D printing looks for its place in the manufacturing world, other non-traditional methods are finding their way into our gear shops. Some, such as electro-discharge machining (EDM), were

Gear Talk With Chuck

Does New Technology Require New Companies?

Our society seems enamored with new technology and the fortunes that can be made through a startup company. This has always puzzled me; a number of examples come to mind.

Editor's Choice

Two Problems, Two Machines, Two Solutions

  Delta’s Investment in New Mitsubishi Equipment Adds Capacity, Reduces Cycle Time Dwight Smith, Vice President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. With multiple plants in the suburban Detroit area, Delta

Gear Talk With Chuck

Teach Your Children Well

  For the second year in a row I find myself writing a blog post around the International Day of the Girl (October 11th). One part of my brain says

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Birth of an Industry

Do you know your company’s origin story? I have worked at seven different gear companies and have visited dozens more; all of them seem to have an interesting story about

Gear Talk With Chuck

Happy Manufacturing Month!

  Somewhere someone is busy assigning months to celebrate various topics, and we have recently been informed that October is “Manufacturing Month.” And all these years I thought it was

Gear Talk With Chuck

Business or Art?

Continuing with the Manufacturing Month theme…   Darle W. Dudley referred to the gear trade as an “art.” This reminds me of the early days of Gear Technology magazine when