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Gear Talk With Chuck

Specialization vs. Adaptability

Darwin posited that life on earth evolved to make the most of its environment. Too much competition for low hanging leaves, he concluded, prompted giraffes to grow long necks so

Gear Talk With Chuck


I was going to reflect on how November 22, 1963 changed so many things, but decided it wasn’t an anniversary ending in a five or a zero and I would

Gear Talk With Chuck

Energy Policy Thoughts

Our industry makes parts for all different types of energy and transportation. AGMA, our national trade association, was formed, in part, because the growing automotive field needed standardization. Through the

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Technology Trends

GT Has Its Eye on the Future of Gear Manufacturing Matthew Jaster, Senior Editor The 2016 November/December issue of Gear Technology is going places. More specifically, it’s taking readers into

Gear Talk With Chuck

Friends in High Places

U.S.-based motorsports have had a lot to cheer about in Formula One this season with the debut of the first American team in thirty years. Haas F1, sponsored by one

Gear Talk With Chuck

Change Begins at Home

From reports I have gotten, 2016 is proving to be a challenging year for the gear industry. Traditional markets such as mineral extraction and gas/oil extraction are in a down

Gear Talk With Chuck

Now the Work Resumes

With the election distraction finally behind us, we can hopefully get back to the very challenging job of building a better world for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. We

Gear Talk With Chuck

What Would You Like to Know?

The call for abstracts for the 2017 AGMA Fall Technical Meeting went out months ago. While it seems early to many readers, this schedule has to be adhered to so

Gear Talk With Chuck

Wither Manufacturing?

  In a recent episode of my favorite zombie apocalypse show, SyFy’s Z Nation, a character celebrates the restarting of a hydroelectric power station — that had been clogged with