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Gear Talk With Chuck

Holiday Wishes

Most of the world has a big holiday or festival around this time of year. After today many companies will be down to skeleton crews until January. I enjoyed those

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Power of “What If?”

  As mentioned previously in this space, I get many e-mails and phone calls from people with gear “problems.” Or should I say “Gear Opportunities?” For the most part I

Gear Talk With Chuck

Repair, Replace, or Rebuild?

      I enjoy watching car auctions on cable television. Some of my enjoyment comes from the commentators telling stories of similar cars they had in the past and

Gear Talk With Chuck

Job Satisfaction

    Every once in a while you need a reminder of why you enjoy your work. This week I got to witness final testing of a very complex gearbox

Gear Talk With Chuck

It’s a 24/7/52 World

    This curmudgeon recently got a good lesson on how the Internet has changed the world. My adult children have been trying to get me to understand that you

Gear Talk With Chuck

Flexibility and Capability as a Goal

My last blog discussed the age-old question of specialization vs. adaptability. You do not need a long memory to understand just how powerful specialization can be in setting the market