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Gear Talk With Chuck

Listening is an Act of Love

I have been listening to Story Corps on National Public Radio for many years. The program shares audio recordings made in booths that travel around the country; e.g., usually two

Gear Talk With Chuck

Tribal Memory

What a treat it has been to spend a few days with a group of young process engineers; sharing lessons learned alongside other gear industry veterans is more fun than

Gear Talk With Chuck

A Calling, Not a Job

In driving around my new hometown, I am struck by the grandeur of some of the older homes and buildings. Oil City, Pennsylvania was once home to giant oil companies

Gear Talk With Chuck

Good, Better, and Best

Setting up in a new location requires far more shopping than I am used to. Daily trips to the home improvement store will continue for the foreseeable future, and probably

Gear Talk With Chuck

Relocation Time

Today I moved for the seventh time in my career. It is the first time on my tab though so I am probably paying more attention to the process than

Editor's Choice

Mastercam 2018 Focuses on Efficiency and Speed

Mastercam 2018 was recently introduced at EASTEC where attendees were impressed with the tools the software has available to get parts off the machine faster. Gear Technology caught up with

Gear Talk With Chuck

Reconsidering Unwritten Rules

The recent brawl in baseball reminded me that despite the ability to Google almost anything, many people are unpleasantly surprised by the “unwritten” rules in some activities. We, as a

Gear Talk With Chuck

A Lesson Learned and Acted On

I have been getting lots of windshield time this year between business travel, house hunting, relocation, and even a few days of vacation. Our fabulous Interstate Highway System makes long

Gear Talk With Chuck

Leadership in the Ranks

As a history buff, certain dates stick in my mind and prompt reflection when they roll around. I first learned about D-Day when they showed The Longest Day, the now

Gear Talk With Chuck

Leadership in Action

I was a Boy Scout in my youth and served in a variety of leadership positions as an adult. One of the important skills — drilled into us as boys,