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Gear Talk With Chuck

Cost Reduction Ideas

A commentator recently asked for “real world” examples of how he could reduce costs and win more orders. Improved technology is often cited as the “best” way to do this

Gear Talk With Chuck

Fact Checking Legends

The much better half returned from her first beauty shop appointment in Oil City, shaking her newly coiffed head. Her stylist was an Oil Country lifer — except for a

Gear Talk With Chuck

Effective Instructions

Have you ever tried to assemble something with poorly written or translated instructions? The classic image of a befuddled father on Christmas Eve surrounded by parts and tools did not

Gear Talk With Chuck

Two Way Communication

One of our disappointments with this blog is the inability to have effective two-way communication via reader comments. We tried it for a few months and gave up after it

Gear Talk With Chuck

Does it Pay to Advertise?

My father was a life-long employee of the Pabst Brewing Company. He was also a bit of a dumpster diver and he frequently retrieved “collectable” decorations for his buddies. At

Gear Talk With Chuck

Are You Open for Business?

On our third attempt, we finally had lunch at a local landmark. A survivor of the 1870s oil boom, its Victorian architecture is a real eye catcher but previous efforts

Gear Talk With Chuck

Where Have All the Contests Gone?

My hometown is abuzz with anticipation over the completion of the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena. This is the THIRD new arena since I participated in a student design competition for

Gear Talk With Chuck

Taking on the Impossible

Those multi-trillion-dollar figures thrown around for infrastructure repair make progress seem impossible without huge tax increases and a long commitment to a plan — something on the scale of the

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WZL Gear Conference Highlights Latest Technology

Liebherr Gear Technology Inc. recently hosted the 7th WZL Gear Conference in the USA 2017 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This two-day program offered the latest gear advancements in areas like

Gear Talk With Chuck

Aging Infrastructure

After seeing the fallen Kinzua railroad viaduct (see Aug. 1 posting), my vacation continued into some of the scariest bridges and tunnels in the country. But not my beloved interstate