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IIoT Spotlight: A Look at Honeywell Connected Plant

One of the most relevant topics in manufacturing right now is predicting process conditions and equipment failures for continuous improvement on the shop floor. In addition to the feature article,

Gear Talk With Chuck

Appreciating the Spur Gear

When the average civilian hears the word “gear,” if they think of mechanical things at all, they envision a big spur gear, perhaps in a clock or with a movie

Gear Talk With Chuck

One Step at a Time

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of both the Boy and Girl Scout programs. My children were scouts. My wife and I were scout leaders. One of

Gear Talk With Chuck

The First Step is Easy

When I started writing my gear book back in 1986, the mission was to provide enough information for a person new to the gear trade to tell if someone was

Gear Talk With Chuck

Avoiding the Potholes

No one becomes a gear expert overnight. You might be abruptly assigned the title by your employer, but it takes some time before you can really fulfill the job requirements.

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Company You Keep

Learning about gears is much easier in a group setting. Anyone who suffered through a tough high school or university class without study buddies will appreciate the value of having

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Beginning of Wisdom

Faithful followers of this blog can complete that mantra without prompting, but for new readers — the beginning of wisdom is calling things by their proper name. The first thing

Gear Talk With Chuck

How to Begin?

So, you want to teach people about gears. It is a huge topic with many interesting and complicated facets to it. A person could spend their entire adult life working

Gear Talk With Chuck

New Beginnings

As a kid, it annoyed me that nothing really seemed to change with the new year. It was still dark and cold most of the day, and if the sun