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Gear Talk With Chuck

It Gets Complicated

Why did something as simple as a standard tooth form fail to get traction? While the old joke about the number of opinions at any meeting of engineers being N+1,

Gear Talk With Chuck

If Only It Was That Simple

In my last blog we went over “pitch” descriptions for spur gears. Engineers being stubborn individuals, it has not been possible to reach a consensus on a single set of

Gear Talk With Chuck

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

When I get a call from a new client, one of the first things I ask is “How big are the gears?” One person’s “big” parts may be laughably tiny

Gear Talk With Chuck

Starting Your Book of Knowledge

A big part of the consulting business is reminding people of what they already know. Of course, your consulting career will be rather short if you do not develop kind

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Final Step

So, you have put in your time, you have done the heavy lifting, you are ready to take that final step to the peak of Gear Mountain. Very few people

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IIoT Spotlight: The Job Shop

As IIoT solutions become more readily available throughout the manufacturing sector, challenges continue when you start looking specifically at the job shop. In addition to the feature article, “Pardon the

Gear Talk With Chuck

More Steps up the Ladder

My last posting covered the beginning stages of the path to gear expertise. Your “Jon Snow” days of knowing nothing won’t last long. Very quickly you will be watching the

Gear Talk With Chuck

Seven Stages of Expertise

There is no “gear expert” merit badge for you to earn. I have posted before about the limited amount of gear education included in the standard engineering curriculum here in

Gear Talk With Chuck

Understanding Spur Gears

Spur gears have been around “forever.” That ancient astronomical device recovered from the Mediterranean Sea a few years ago shows the antiquity and utility of the simple hand-filed tooth. Scientists