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Gear Talk With Chuck

What About Worms?

It is difficult to know where to start when writing about worm gears, because this market segment has defied “standardization” within the United States. The rest of the world has

Gear Talk With Chuck

Bevel Buzzwords

Does technical lingo confuse you? If so, welcome to the bevel gear sector and its special kind of hell. The same “system” that benefited from standard geometry books for “straight”

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Old Family Recipe

Continuing with bevel gears… As a beginning gear guy, I was very content to leave the bevel gear design to the experts. If my employer did not have a bevel

Gear Talk With Chuck

Nothing Remains Constant

We cannot leave our lesson about tooth depths without covering bevel gears. There is a tendency to think of bevels and worms as being best left to specialists, but a

Gear Talk With Chuck

Out of Your Depth?

How did that over pin calculation work out? My congratulations if you managed to work your way through it without tearing your hair out. Guess what? Those complicated formulas only