Another Type of Veteran

We interrupt this blog to salute all our VETERANS on this national holiday set aside to remember them. The gear industry as we know it really got its jump start in the War to End All Wars. This is reflected in the foundation dates of many AGMA members. The trade answered the call to service in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and every conflict since. When needed production shifted to make parts for trucks, ships, landing craft, and aircraft at gear shops big and small from coast to coast.

I had the pleasure to learn from some of those veterans and call your attention to the many still working today. Make sure to thank them for their service.

And in many gear shops you can admire another type of veteran still at work. Look closely and you might find a brass “war finish” tag on your G&E Hobber, Barber Coleman Hobber, or Fellows Shaper. Those tags were the maker’s apology for shortcutting the spit and polish on the exterior. Inside, however, were the best parts they could make. Parts still making gears 70 years later. If your shop has one of these veterans give it a bit of thanks for defending our freedom too.

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