Another Year Passes

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As a child, I was usually disappointed with New Year’s. Even if I managed to stay awake until Midnight, it was still the same old life, the same lousy winter weather, and the same re-start of school at 12:01 AM as it was two minutes earlier. I am slightly less disillusioned these days as I realize the “magic” of New Year’s depends upon how much effort you put into it — much like New Year’s resolutions, I guess.

If you just go through the motions, don’t really commit yourself to the effort, no real change can or will take place. Last year, about this time, the idea of writing a Gear Technology blog was proposed to me. It seemed like a good way to get some name recognition, so I quickly agreed. We’ve been at it two or three times a week since then.

Not every posting has been memorable, but overall I am proud of the first year’s effort. It is difficult to come up with something topical twice a week; even tougher if you want it to be witty and of interest to the gear community. The second year won’t be any easier, but I look forward to the challenge.

What does any of this have to do with you? You probably aren’t writing a blog, but you, too, will go back to work after the New Year with challenges. Whatever your assigned duties are, I’d like you to stretch a bit. Work on your “name recognition” within your firm — and outside it too. Pick some task or activity where you think you can contribute just a bit more. Pick up a new skill. Volunteer for some training. Whether it is learning to estimate, mastering a new order entry system, or becoming a Scout leader, make a change in 2015. You’ll be glad 365 days from now.

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