Articles Wanted 


In a short chat in the Gear Technology booth at the International Machine Tool Show the topic came up of what sort of articles our readers would like to see in the magazine. We publish many technical papers from important gear conferences around the world but are more than just an academic resource. Technical papers appeal to a very experienced audience and often have a rather narrow focus.

The magazine has a mission to education of all levels of gear folks. Through our “Ask the Expert” feature we tackle tough questions. Now we would like to expand our efforts to cover a variety of topics we hope have a wide appeal. Some would be how-to pieces on emerging manufacturing methods such as machining gear teeth and splines in computer- controlled lathes and mills. Others would re-visit topics that might be common knowledge in some firms but not all of them. This list might include the history of herringbone gears, the application of common gear materials, what is needed on a modern gear drawing, or hob and shaper cutter terminology.

Perhaps you have developed training material that could be shared with our readers. Or you feel strongly about something that is misunderstood or often misapplied. We are here to help you get your topic in front of our readers without the need for a public presentation at a gear conference. Everything that goes in our pages is peer reviewed and our professional staff will make your article look fantastic.

So contact us via the email addresses listed on the website. All our authors are volunteers who are compensated via knowing that they are helping to build a stronger gear community around the world.



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Charles D. Schultz is President of Beyta Gear Service and one of Gear Technology's technical editors.