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When it comes to workholding, the only thing more diverse than the list of customer demands the industry sees is the number of options offered to meet them with. From Hainbuch’s new Mando G211, which is designed specifically to meet the demands of gear cutting operations, to Emuge’s FPC mill-drill chuck, which boasts the rigidity of a shrink fit holder with the flexibility of a hydraulic chuck, the industry has a solution for almost any problem. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, there are always custom workholding engineering services like Kitagawa NorthTech’s productivity team. This week’s newsletter focuses on some of the recent and diverse ways workholding manufacturers are laboring to solve your unique issues.


Kitagawa NorthTech Productivity Team

Designs Custom Engineered Workholding Services


Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc. provides turnkey and custom engineered workholding services. Known for their standard and advanced chucks, the company also provides design, engineering, workholding manufacturing, assembly, testing, inspection, documentation, installation and training. Whether a machine shop is experiencing a productivity challenge or a specific machining problem hindering parts manufacturing in their production operation, Kitagawa NorthTech’s in-house productivity team provides advanced applications engineering assistance and custom engineered workholding systems manufacturing. Kitagawa NorthTech’s custom engineered workholding services are ideal for a wide range of machining applications for vertical, horizontal, and multi-axis prismatic milling and turning, forging and casting applications.

Kitagawa NorthTech’s dedicated productivity team engineers extensively study applications requirements, cutting conditions and workpiece drawings, which includes a review of geometric dimensional tolerance data. This is performed to identify the expectations and specific requirements of the customers’ application. They utilize state-of-the-art, 3-D software modeling tools, formulas and customized equipment to help design and engineer custom workholding solutions quickly and efficiently at the lowest cost possible.

Kevin Bennett, VP of sales and marketing, states, “From eliminating bottle necks in machining operations, to reducing cycle times, scrap problems and/or parts slippage in the chuck, Kitagawa NorthTech’s Productivity Team engineers have the expertise, skill set and knowledge-base to solve almost any prismatic and turning workholding problem. They deliver the best custom workholding solution available for customers.”

To achieve total customer satisfaction, Kitagawa NorthTech understands custom engineered workholding needs to work flawlessly and consistently on every production run. They want this to be a painless process for customers. Their comprehensive testing and inspection process will guarantee that outcome. Once an engineering workholding design is manufactured, the Kitagawa NorthTech productivity team conducts a series of inspection processes and rigorous tests to ensure the new engineered solution performs exactly as stated and specified. Their process includes a battery of tests which includes inspection of every component of the system, dry fitting components for proper assembly, and run outs and repeatability values testing of the workholding system.

Kitagawa NorthTech goes to great lengths to ensure that custom engineered workholding they manufacture will work exactly as expected. Throughout the entire testing and inspection process, they document all testing and inspection efforts and record the results as an added quality control measure to guarantee machining success. This facilitates the customer’s setup, installation and testing process. It provides important data and references points for the customer’s own in-house testing. The customer can also take comfort that Kitagawa keeps all documentation for future assistance. Finally, Kitagawa NorthTech also offers installation and training services if required by the customer.

For more information:

Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc.

Phone: (800) 222-4138



Hainbuch Mando G211 Segmented Mandrel

Specialized for Gear Cutting

Hainbuch Mando G211

Hainbuch America Corp. announced a new segmented mandrel specialized for gear cutting.

Clamping solutions for the gear-cutting sector are unique and have very special requirements. With the new Mando G211, you are relying on a standard segmented mandrel. You profit from in-stock segmented clamping bushings.

The Mando G211 is a rigid and narrow mandrel with optimized tool run-out contour and is ideal for use in gear cutting, shaping, and grinding applications. This versatile device also has three end-stop levels placed in different locations, allowing for quick change-over of individual workpiece end-stops. This mandrel is also equipped with a machine coolant connection. The Mando G211 also features rigid radial clamping with pull-back effect, vulcanized clamping bushings which increase clamping range and vibration dampening, and integrated flushing channels.

For more information:

Hainbuch America Corp.

Phone: (800) 281-5734



Röhm Chucks Improve Part Clamping for Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Rohm Chuck

At Houstex 2017, Röhm Products of America showcased two chucks that optimize part clamping specifically for applications within the oil and gas industry. On display were the HSFZ swivel chucks that permit machining of bushings, connectors and adaptors from both sides. Röhm also displayed the LVE-V-AZ pneumatic six-jaw front-end chucks that enable precise, centered and productive turning of large, long pipe ends. The LVE chuck provides safe complete threading operations without the need for shimming the pipe to center.

The swivel chucks feature an axis, which is orientated 90 degrees relative to the rotary axis and swivels to automatically bring the workpiece into machining position to maximize both radial and axial accuracies and minimize setup time. In the LVE-V-AZ chuck, a combination of three concentric clamping jaws with three compensating clamping jaws ensures low-deformation clamping.

Röhm’s pneumatic 6-jaw front-end LVE-V-AZ chucks are optimally suited for machining the ends of pipes used for extracting crude oil or natural gas. For those part applications, the chucks can be mounted to the front and rear sides of the machine spindle to allow for heavy-duty chipcutting performance at high turning precision.

Röhm offers the chucks in a variety of configurations to handle a wide range of machining situations such as machining of bent pipe. The configurations include ES versions with rapid stroke and clamping stroke, versions featuring retracting clamping arms for precentering the workpiece, and versions with spring clamping and pneumatic release.

For more information:

Röhm Products of America

Phone: (770) 963-8440



Emuge FPC Mill-Drill Chucks

Deliver Rigidity, Vibration Dampening and Machining Speed

Emuge FPC Chuck

Emuge Corp., in partnership with Albrecht Precision Chucks, has introduced high precision/performance Emuge FPC Mill/Drill Chucks that provide unprecedented rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life versus conventional chuck technologies for milling and drilling applications.

Featuring the world’s only chuck with a 1:16 worm gear, Emuge FPC Chuck’s design delivers three tons of traction force. The design and body provide 100% holding power for maximum rigidity, and the collet-cone assembly absorbs virtually all vibration for maximum dampening.

Unique features and advantages include high transferable torque that provides maximum process reliability; transferred torque on a tool shank 20mm in diameter of 400 Nm; increased accuracy with a 3 x D tool length; concentricity of ≤ 3 µm to guarantee long tool life and quality work piece surface finishes; mechanical drive-actuated chuck with a hex wrench; simple design that enables quick tool change in seconds; holder design that reduces vibration, improves work piece surface finishes and provides exceptionally long tool life; and strong clamping force to prevent the possibility of pull-out.

In a speed comparison with four chuck technologies, using a 20 mm end mill in the same material, the Emuge FPC Chuck enabled the feed rate to be increased by 30% with no loss in performance.

Emuge FPC Chucks are available in four shank styles (CAT, HSK-A, SK and BT) in 47 different sku’s for a wide range of applications. A full range of high precision collets and accessories are also available for the FPC line. Emuge FPC Collets are available in three size ranges (FPC 14, FPC 20 and FPC 25) in over 35 different sku’s, from 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ and in metric from 2 mm – 32 mm.

For more information:

Emuge Corporation

Phone: (800) 323-3013


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