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A few weeks ago, I admitted to not knowing much about the Klingelnberg system of bevels. Terry Edwards, chief designer at Pacific Star Marine in British Columbia, was kind enough to assist with filling in that gap by sending the following e-mail:

Hello Chuck,

I enjoy your blogs on the Gear Technology website. As a customer of Klingelnberg, in response to your comment about Klingelnberg technical references I can offer the following:

Hardcover text:

9783662438923Bevel Gear – Fundamentals and Applications

Jan Klingelnberg, Editor

Published (English language version) 2016

Springer Verlag

Calculation standards:

Klingelnberg Standards
KN 3028
Design of a Bevel Gear Drive according to Klingelnberg Cyclo-Palloid System

Klingelnberg Standards
KN 3029
Design of Hypoid Gears according to the Klingelnberg Cyclo-Palloid System

Klingelnberg Standards
KN 3030
Rating of Spiral Bevel Gears according to Klingelnberg Cyclo-Palloid System

That is how things are supposed to work in our trade! “If in doubt — ask.” And more often than not, especially in our modern “wired” world, some kind soul will make the effort to school you.

Mr. Edwards has also demonstrated the proper way to cite references. He did not call it “that book that came with the machine” or “an old book in our company library.” He gives you a title, the author, and a source. That way you have a good chance of actually finding a copy of your own.

This is also a great opportunity to plead with people who have good libraries to share them and make provisions for your books to find good homes once you no longer need them. The gear community is not large by publishing standards, and some of your books are probably out-of-print. Do not let them end up in a Dumpster simply because none of your heirs follows in your professional footsteps. As a recovering estate sale regular, there is nothing sadder than a bookcase of treasured, well-thumbed volumes being ceremonially disposed of due to lack of interested bidders.

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