Hear it First at FTM 2016

Gear Technology has a long history of publishing and archiving important technical papers from the American Gear Manufacturers’ Association (AGMA) Fall Technical Meeting (FTM). For those who want to be the first to learn of important advances in the gear trade, it is time to make plans to be in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on October 2-4, 2016 to hear twenty-three presentations at the Steel City’s convention center.

FTM 2016 closes out the celebration of AGMA’s centennial. One hundred years ago a group of forward thinking gear companies got together to form an organization to promote the gear arts through standardized terminology and rating methods. AGMA standards are recognized all over the world and the association establishes our national position on important technical issues confronting the industry at the international level.

Presenting a peer-reviewed paper at a prestigious event like the FTM is a highpoint in any engineer’s career. I remember each of my four papers like they were yesterday; I suspect other presenters do as well. While the printed version in the magazine is a treasured keepsake, there is something exciting and at the same time terrifying about answering questions from the very knowledgeable audience with other gear experts sitting next to you.

The reprints, unfortunately, do not include the Q&A exchanges. Often the author’s presentations are not a simple verbatim reading of the official printed text. These are additional incentives to attend the gathering in person.

Perhaps the top reason the FTM is popular with gear engineers is the opportunity to network with others. Important connections are forged during the coffee breaks and cocktail hours. Authors are available for insight into their work. Committee chairs and supplier representatives can take time to explain recent advances.

All that — plus a chance to see one of America’s great cities close up. Don’t miss the Duquesne Incline or the river cruise.









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