Planting Good Seeds

We are enjoying the origin story project very much and have several wonderful accounts lined up for the coming weeks. Here in the United States we have reached the unofficial start of summer with the Memorial Day holiday. In addition to honoring our fallen heroes, many families gather to enjoy the warmer weather, celebrate school graduations, and, of course, get their gardens planted.

If we want talented youngsters to enter the gear trade, these are opportune times to plant a curiosity about all things mechanical and to cultivate that interest in the kids we encounter at these gatherings.

Going to an amusement park? Why not point out the bits of normally invisible machinery that provide the thrills? At a car show? How about using the classics to educate on the advances in construction and performance over the years? Even garden tools have a story to tell.

Think back to your childhood. You knew when someone was really enthused about their job or hobby. That specific thing might not have appealed to you but you enjoyed them sharing. Despite the ever present “technology”, kids have not changed. They are trying to find out where they fit into the larger world, searching for that “thing” that will make everything make sense.

You don’t have to be “Yoda” for them. They have parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, and peers to help them on a daily basis. But they may only see their gear crazy relative a few times a year. Play best Y8 Games at the website.

Make the most of those interactions. If you can help with shop tours, internships, introductions, or appropriate toys, you just might be part of a future origin story.

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