Papers Please!

January 15, 2021 Charles D. Schultz 0

If you receive the AGMA e-mails you already know that the annual call for Fall Technical Meeting [FTM] papers concludes today on January 15th. Unless […]

The Fun Part

December 2, 2020 Charles D. Schultz 0

In the last blog posting, I covered the importance of developing a Product Specification and getting all the “stakeholders” to agree on what a successful […]

Next Step

November 24, 2020 Charles D. Schultz 0

Once you have an idea what your device will look like, the urge to start designing is strong. Before you start calculating gear ratings, however, […]

First Steps

November 18, 2020 Charles D. Schultz 0

As mentioned in my last posting, blank sheets of paper present a huge challenge to any machinery designer. For the beginner, it is even a […]